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3088 Ethan Allen Hwy
New Haven, VT 05472

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Pidgeon's Gun Shop has been in business since 1959. Our full line sporting goods store is a complement to our Vermont Gunsmithing Service. We are able to complete many kinds of gunsmithing work including the range of stock to barrel work. We have frequently completed services for clients who own Remington shotguns and rifles. Dealers from New England, New York and Canada have also made use of Pidgeon's Gun Shop's Services. The highlights of our Store Front include a retail outlet, a Gunsmith on Premises, used items, Stocking Dealer, Specialty Dealer and FFL holder. Our product line includes collectable items, shooting lines and hunting lines among others.

Retailer of:

  • Firearms (FFL holder)
  • Collectable products
  • Specialty dealer
  • Stocking dealer
  • Marlin ProShop
  • Gunsmith on premises
  • Free reloading classes
  • Shooting products
  • Used Items
  • Store Front
  • Mail Order
  • E-commerce

Products include:

  • Blackpowder
  • New brass cases
  • Once fired brass cases
  • Bullet casting equipment
  • Bullet molds
  • Bullet sizing equipment
  • Bullet swaging equipment
  • Bullets
  • Jacketed bullets
  • Lead bullets
  • Cartridges
  • Case trimmers
  • Gun parts
  • 1911 parts
  • Pistols
  • Powder horns
  • Progressive reloading presses
  • Single stage reloading presses
  • Revolvers
  • Rifles
  • Modern blackpowder rifles
  • Traditional blackpowder rifles
  • Shotguns

Gunsmithing services:

  • Custom Handguns
  • Custom Rifles
  • Custom Shotguns
  • General Gunsmithing
  • Bluing & Plating
  • Stockmaking


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