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David E. Pidgeon
Founder & Owner

Clean & Oil

Sight Work

  • Drill & tap barrel or receiver for sights
  • Cut dovetail in barrel
  • Install front sight ramp (sweat-on, screw-on or band type)
  • Install insert in pistol sight
  • Build up or construct extra high pistol front sight
  • Install target rib sight on handgun
  • Install front or mid-rib bead on shotgun
  • Plug hole and re-drill for bead
  • Scope Mounting (includes bore sight, gun drilled and tapped, or not)
  • Bore sighting
  • Long forcing cone shotgun (plated or unplated)

Barrel, Action, and Rifle Work

  • Test fire customer gun
  • Check Headspace
  • Make Chamber Cast
  • Lap Barrel
  • Install liner in barrel (labor only)
  • Cut and crown barrel
  • Chamber and fit barrel to action (labor only)
  • Install Pre-threaded and chambered barrel (Labor only)
  • Lap in bolt lugs (only)
  • Welding on new bolt handle
  • Forging bolt handle
  • Install Safeties Dakota, Gentry, Mod 70 type w/shroud, or Mark II/Beuhler type
  • Chapman Swing safety Lever
  • Trigger Installation Shilen, Timney, Dayton-Traistor, Double or Single set
  • Install muzzle brake

Ted Kusina,Jr.
General Manager
Glock Armorer

Shotgun Work

  • Long forcing cone Non-Plated bores, per barrel
  • Plated bores, per barrel, or Resolder Rib (only)
  • Raise dent in barrel
  • Polish chamber and bore
  • Back-boring per barrel, non-plated bore
  • Open/Modify choke or screw-in choke tube
  • Install Screw-in Chokes (labor only)
  • Install adjustable choke multichoke, polychoke, etc.
  • Install Poly-Choke Rib
  • Make new hinge pin

Handgun Work

  • Chamfer revolver barrel
  • Chamfer revolver cylinder
  • Revolver action job
  • Rebarrel revolver (labor only)
  • Straighten crane on revolver
  • Remove/Modify revolver hammer spur
  • Semi-Auto action job
  • Tighten slide of 1911 Auto
  • Fit barrel to 1911 Non-Ramped, Ramped
  • Fit and Install barrel bushing on 1911
  • Bevel Magazine well on 1911
  • Checker front strap on 1911
  • Lower and flare ejection port on 1911 slide
  • Throat, polish barrel & feed ramp of 1911
  • Fit new trigger to 1911 (labor only)
  • Fit custom hammer to 1911 (labor only)
  • Modify 1911 frame for beavertail safety
  • Install auto pistol compensator (labor only)

Gerry Lavoie
Gun Tester

Revolver Work

  • Action, Rebarrel, Remove hammer spur, Front sight insert

Trigger Work

Stock Work

  • Wood Finishing Hunter finish- unfilled oil finish on average stock, or complicated stock
  • Gunsmith finish--filled, rubbed oil finish on average stock, or complicated stock
  • Recut checkering (on average)
  • Glass Bedding barrel and action
  • Pillar Bed
  • Install Recoil Pad (labor only)
  • Install adjustable butt plate (labor only)
  • Install sling swivels (labor only)
  • Install recoil reducer (simple installation in buttstock)
  • Inletting and finishing semi-inletted stock (only)
  • Install barreled action in synthetic stock
  • Recoil pad fitted to length
  • Shorten length of stock
  • Bedding (hunter grade - bed recoil lug area and float barrel, entire receiver area float barrel, pillar bedding, float barrel)
  • Refinish stock - hand rubbed
  • Sling swivel installation (bolt or other action)
  • Check headspace
  • Check firing pin protrusion
  • Chamber cast
  • Remove stuck case
  • Remove live round
  • Line .22 barrel
  • Install prethreaded barrel
  • Chamber, thread, fit barrel
  • Cut and crown rifle barrel (most)
  • Lap bolt
  • Make flat spring
  • Make U spring

1911 Work

  • Series 70 or 80 (4# no creep or competition)
  • Install trigger only
  • Fit match barrel (and comp, ramped barrels)
  • Fit extended thumb safety
  • Fit grip safety
  • Install stake on sights
  • Cut dovetail for front sight
  • Machine for low mount Bo-Mar or Novaks (front and rear)
  • Checker front strap
  • Checker trigger guard
  • Correct loose breech
  • Bevel magazine well
  • Reliability package

Metal Finishing

  • Hot blue
  • Matte (bead blast)
  • Deluxe (polished to 400 grit)
  • Master (polished to 555Grit)
  • IM Belgian bluing
  • Slow rust bluing
  • Teflon

If any work is required that is not listed write, e-mail, or call for a quote.

Shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.


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